Rules for Trading with Night Scalpers

Trading with Night scalpers ea

There are many scalper type expert advisors intended for trading in the Asian session. Some of them works better, some worse, but there are some rules that will help you avoid potentially losing trades:

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Forex Economic Calendar

Forex economiс calendar

Many factors affect the Forex market, and among them there are economic reports, politicians’ speeches, sentiment indexes calculated by universities, etc. Let’s call them news in brief.

News varies in importance, impact on a particular currency pair, etc. Some traders enter the market at the time of the news release, and another traders on the contrary try to avoid them. In any case, it is important for you to know the time of the news release, degree of importance, value (if it’s a number) and impact.

There is an Economic Calendar section on many sites, but it’s inconvenient to use in most cases or their degree of importance of the event is not quite true reflected. I’d like to consider the most competent version of the calendar in this review.

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