How to Monitor Your Account on Myfxbook

How to Monitor Your Account on Myfxbook

Hello! I think many of you heard not just once about the importance of keeping a trading diary. Accounting and analysis of trading activity on your account, regardless of that you are trading with the help of expert advisors or manually, is very and very useful. But if we analyze the reports from the terminal manually, it will be very long and tedious task. Fortunately, there is Myfxbook, a service statistics, which performs all analytics of your trading activity automatically. You only need to provide a service with data of reports from the terminal. We’ll talk about how to add monitoring of your account on Myfxbook and basic features of this service (it’s absolutely free of charge) in today’s article.

1. Register on the website

2. After registration, click Settings ->Add account
After registration, click Настройки-> Добавить счет

3. Hereafter, there are several methods: simple, sophisticated and using the advisor.

Simple Method

1) Choose Metatrader4 (AutoUpdate): 

Choose Metatrader4 (AutoUpdate)

2) Specify the account name (it can be any, for example “My System”), a broker, the account type, a server, a login to MT4 and an investor’s password.

3) Then click Create Account. If you have entered the correct login/password for the account, the system will notify you of this:

If you have entered the correct login/password for the account, the system will notify you of this:

And it will offer you a choice: “Go to monitoring of your account” or “Set public showing” (by default, the account monitoring is only visible to you).

4) That’s all. It’s an easy way and it doesn’t need to perform any other additional actions.

Sophisticated Method

1) As in the simple method, enter Settings -> Add account.

2) Select the Metatrader4 platform (Publisher) and specify everything necessary to be filled in (you may not indicate an investor’s password, but in this  case your trading history will not be confirmed). Click the Сɨɯɪɚɧɢɬɶ button at the bottom of the page.

3) Go to the Settings page once again, look for our new account and remember its number.

 Go to the Settings page once again, look for our new account and remember its number.

4) Open the MT4 terminal (logged into our account for monitoring), click Tools -> Options -> FTP and fill in the data as shown on the screenshot below.

Open the MT4 terminal (logged into our account for monitoring), click Service -> Settings -> Publishing and fill in the data as shown on the screenshot below.

Open the MT4 terminal (logged into our account for monitoring), click Service -> Settings -> Publishing and fill in the data as shown on the screenshot below.

5) Click OK.

Monitoring of our account will be updated 10-30 minutes later. Note that by using a simple method, monitoring will be updated all the time regardless of whether the terminal is turned on or off. But to update data by a sophisticated method (through the publication from the terminal), Metatrader4 must be online.

Monitoring of the Account Using the Adviser for Data Updating

1) Thus, having clicked the Add account button in the Settings section, select Metatrader 4 (EA).

Thus, having clicked the Add Account button in the Settings section, select Metatrader 4 (EA).

2) The .exe installer of the EA will be loaded in your computer. Run it (as administrator) and in the window that appears, select the folder with MT4, where you want to install the EA. If the terminal folder has not been found automatically, it must be added using the Add button.

 If the terminal folder has not been found automatically, it must be added using the Add button.

3) Next, click the Install button, and the EA will be installed in our trading terminal. If it is already opened, you will need to restart the terminal. 4) Attach the EA to any chart, following the adviser installation instructions, starting with item number 5.

5) Specify an update interval, your mailbox indicated at registration in Myfxbook and a password from the Myfxbook account in the adviser settings. Click OK.

Specify an update interval, your mailbox indicated at registration in Myfxbook and a password from the Myfxbook account in the adviser settings. Click OK.

6) A few minutes after the EA’s work, new monitoring will appear in the list of your accounts on Myfxbook. You will only add additional information (if desired).

How to Share Your Monitoring with the Public

If you copy a link from the browser into your monitor page, it will generate an error for other people. The correct link to your monitor is at the bottom of the page.

The correct link to your monitor is at the bottom of the page.

We also recommend you to read the Help page, and you will find answers to many questions about using the service:

Sincerely yours, Pavel Vlasov

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